Koushik Designers is India's one of the most loved and desired brands for ethnic & fusion wear. Mr. Ronak R. Bafna, founder, proprietor and a very ambitious man with a mission of taking Indian fashion to another level.

He is responsible for turning the face of Indian fashion industry with unconventional prints, along with womanish drapes and silhouettes, blending modernity with tradition and defining the new style of modern Indian women is every fashion designers wildest dream.

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The goal for our brands is to build a strong emotional bond with the customer. To do this we must build lifestyle environments that appeal emotionally. Our mission is to create an apparel company that can offer superior design, quality and value to the consumer. We will accomplish this by being committed to offering great service and real value to our business partners and consumers. We will provide a pleasant, fair and diverse environment, allowing our associates to grow in their careers and experience constant improvements in their lifestyle.

We love working in fashion! We research and create content because we understand that fashion marketing is an extremely fast-paced environment, therefore, we see it as crucial in keeping our insight up to date and relevant to the Industry. Fashion is creative, seductive, always changing and a form of art, to others it is a religion. To me I use fashion to express myself and also to show my personality but also look glamorous.

We are so profound in making how clothing can portray a message about one's self. We are particularly fascinated by the progression in the accessibility of garments since the fashion boom of the 1960s. Fashion, essentially, is seen as a means for a person to express their personality and desire and it allows for one to grow and become confident. Fashion is an eternally evolving outlet for expression. The global fashion industry is ever-changing and developing; its unpredictable and innovative nature excites me