Koushik Designer

About Us

Koushik designer is India’s most loved and desired brands for ethnic & fusion wear. Our aim is to turn the face of India fashion industry with unconventional prints, along with womanish drapes and silhouettes, blending modernity with tradition and defining the new style of modern Indian women.

We are profound in making how clothing can portray a message about one’s self. We are particularly fascinated by the progression in the accessibility of garments since the fashion boom of the 1960’s. Fashion, essentially, is seen as a means for a person to express their personality and desire and it allows for one to grow and become confident. Fashion is an eternally evolving outlets for expression.

The global fashion industry is ever- changing and developing, it’s unpredictable and innovative nature excites me. We are constantly curating fresh new collections and looking for the next big thing our customers will love. Our Vision is to change the way our society connects with the fashion industry by providing our customers with products that are ethically and responsibly sourced here to serve you and make sure you find the perfect look for every occasion. Our passion for fashion is the reason why we are here. We absolutely love what we do, and our goal is to help our customers by providing them with unique outfit that make them stand out from the crowd.

Our Mission

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The goal for our brand is to build a strong emotional bond with the customer. To do this we must build lifestyle environment that appeal emotionally. Our mission is to create an apparel company that can offer superior design, quality and value to the consumer. We will accomplish this by being committed to offering great service and real value to our business partners and consumers. We will provide a pleasant, fair, and diverse environment, allowing our associates to grow their careers and experience constant improvements in their lifestyle.

Why Us

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If you’re looking for branded and promotional clothing, it’s worth choosing us with care. With Sirène by Koushik Designers you’ll enjoy the best possible products, quality, service and support – guaranteed! We love working in fashion! We research and create content because we understand that fashion marketing is an extremely fast-paced environment, therefore, we see it as crucial in keeping our insight up to date and relevant to the industry. Fashion is creative, seductive, always changing.

Outstanding Products at Competitive Prices

We never compromise on quality

We’re proud to develop enduring
supplier relationships that keep
quality high and prices keen. We’ll
never cut corners: instead, we’ll
take the extra steps that keep our
customers happy, time after time.

Superb In-House Design and Production Facilities

For best possible results – fast!

With huge stock levels, we can service organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to large schools and colleges, government bodies and global brands. At Brand My Clothing, consignment volume and delivery distance are no object!

Friendly, Helpful and Professional Service

Capability, flexibility and unwavering attention to detail.

At Sirène by Koushik designers we combine all the convenience of online selection and ordering with the best in personal, attentive customer care. Why wouldn’t we? By being the best, our reputation grows and grows. Everyone’s happy!

Our Founder

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A founding father and managing director of Sirène by Koushik Designers, Ronak R Bafna was born in Bhinmal, Rajasthan, India, in a Hindu family with a simple background. His father, Ramesh Ji Bafna, is an Indian businessman, while his mother, Sushila R Bafna, is a housewife.

Ronak R Bafna encountered numerous problems to make his career brilliant, but he never gave up. He is a stiff worker who thinks in Karma. Ronak R Bafna desired to become a renowned fashion designer and interior designer since preadolescence and created his dream come true through hard work.

As a youth icon for many around the world, Ronak R. Bafna demonstrates how hard work and self-confidence can bring lasting success. Ronak R. Bafna revealed that believing in oneself is the best way to reach greater heights in life.

Ronak R. Bafna said, ‘Clothing should be an extension of one’s intellect’, imaginative and forward-thinking Mumbai style, now known
as ‘Mumbaiwala’, is influencing the world.
Ronak R Bafna through Koushik Designers, Sirène has built a highly influential brand over the last few years.